Pisa Tuscany

The Tuscany region is one of the most beautiful areas in Italy; the green landscapes, picturesque villages, the rolling hills, the ancient cities, the art treasures and the Etruscan ruins that have made Tuscany a tourist site with millions of visitors a year
A celebration of flavors


Guests will enjoy gourmet cuisine An array of food and delicacies, a team of chefs and a pastry shop It’s a gastronomical celebration, A wonderful Israeli breakfast, a spectacular dinner and a spread of delicious home-made delights will top off the menu, a coffee corner with tea and cake will be available throughout the dayOur guests can prepare food for the day at breakfast.

Luxury in Tuscany


To absorb the views, the sights and the special atmosphere, we took the Meditur Hotel Pisa in the center of Pisa, one of the most beautiful and impressive cities.

טיולים ואטרקציות
Why Pisa


The Tuscany region is one of the most beautiful areas in Italy; the green landscapes, picturesque villages, the rolling hills, the ancient cities, the art treasures and the Etruscan ruins that have made Tuscany a tourist site with millions of visitors a year


Pisa - a dream vacation

- Gastronomy -

Glatt Kosher Lemehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Pinchas Leibush Padwa shlit “a.

An international chef

meticulous desserts

appetizers and strict kashrut standards

Guests will enjoy luxurious and well-equipped rooms with full amenities


Rooms spacious and equipped


Traveler Services

Local Currency: euro

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Pleasant, a bit cool

Travel Time:

4 hours from Israel

Local Language:


Local time:

UTC + 1


Pisa Travel Plan – Tuscany

A trip to Florence – Duomo, the baptismal tower and doors, the ghetto area, the municipality, Uffizi Museum, David statue, Ponte Vecchio bridge, the synagogue, observation point from Michelangelo Square

Trip to Siena – Old Town, Duomo, Piazza Campo dei Fiori, the synagogue.
Continue to San Gimignano – Market Square towers and Old City wall.

Half a day for Pisa – the leaning tower. The adjacent cemetery. By train or by foot to the river
Harno, the Old City, the synagogue. Shopping and back to the hotel.

Trip to Liguria. Drive to Portofino and then sail to Cinque Terre, go down one to one of the villages and back.
We will continue to La Spezia with the story of the voyage of the DPs after World War II

Trip to Livorno – the old city, the ghetto, the synagogue, the bartender’s square. From there to the ancient city of Lucca, squares and shopping

Back to Israel But before that a trip to Rome that will include – the Colosseum,
Titus Gate, the Romano Forum, the ghetto, a synagogue and a museum. From there to ancient Rome – Piazza Navona, Fontana di Trevi, the pantheon

* For pre-order guests (payment in office only, prior to departure) – Price of travel package per passenger NIS 1000 inclusive
Access to sites (5 tours).
When booking a travel package in advance there is no refund for unused trips.
There may be changes in the route because of the weather conditions or for any other reason, the day of the trip is not mandatory and may be changed according to the discretion of the instructor and / or the driver.

Dates & Prices

Hotel Price Only
(Price in EUR per night)

Package price includes:
flights + transfers + 7 nights

*The Flights depart from Ben-Gurion Airport - Israel

  • Baby up to age 2 - 700 NIS
  • Flight price for two weeks depends on the day you book.

General Information
Registration fees – NIS 2000 will be charged at the time of booking, and will not be refunded for any reason.

Terms of Payment
Up to 5 equal payments on an interest-free credit card from the time of registration (credit card fee will be added – 3% credit card fee).

The organizers may cancel for any reason, including if the number of participants does not justify making the trip. Notice of cancellation of the trip will be given by the organizers to the participants within a reasonable period of time after the decision to cancel the trip has been made.

The published airfares are correct as of the day the price list is published. Price changes may occur and a final price must be checked before departure.

Cancellation fees.
– In case of cancellation for any reason from 13 working days to 7 working days before the date of departure, the passenger will be charged 1800 NIS.
– In case of cancellation for any reason from 6 working days to the date of departure, the passenger will be charged NIS 3,200.
– In case of cancellation after ticketing, the passenger will be charged the full price of the flight ticket.

The passenger’s luggage shall include one medium suitcase, the total weight of which shall not exceed 20 kg, and a handbag for each passenger
The airline will charge extra for additional luggage. Documents – Issuing a passport, checking its validity and extending its validity are the responsibility of the traveler.

Tours and other activities

Optional and not included in the price of the trip -only a proposal. These tours will be organized for a fee.

Detailed information will be distributed by the organizers and trips are conditional on a minimum number of participants.

Exchange rate
The prices of trips are based on the tariffs for the cost of services in Israel and abroad, the rates of flights, rates of levies in Israel, taxes and fees and exchange rates of the Euro to the Shekel.
Cost arising from a change in one of the above components, including changes in currency rates and flight rates, increase in fuel costs, will be appled to the passenger. All rates and fees are according to Heter Iska of Brit Pinchas

Credits and refunds
A passenger who stops participation during the trip will not be eligible for any refund.

Damages, insurance
The organizers are not responsible for the damage caused to the passenger by accidents, illnesses, damage to luggage or any direct or indirect damage that may be caused to the passenger during the trip. The organizers suggest the passenger insure himself, at his own expense, comprehensive & personal insurance that includes and covers all the events and damages described above.

החופשה שתמיד חלמתם עליה
כבר לא חלום

זו ההזדמנות שלכם לחבור אלינו לעוד טיול בוטיק מבית ‘מעגלי נופש’.

הניסיון שלנו עושה את ההבדל – בבחירת המלון, בשירות המפנק מתוך פרפקציוניזם שאין דומה לו, בתכניות ובתכנים שאנו מכינים עבורכם, לחופשה חלומית אמיתית, יחד עם חוויה קולינרית מהודרת ומותאמת לאורחינו.

לקבלת מידע והצעת מחיר, אנא מלא את פרטיך וניצור איתך קשר בהקדם


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