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Austria (Bad Gastein) - Summer 2016

We invite you to be our guests (G-d willing) in the pastoral Bad Gastein - the best Maagalei Nofesh tradition with a wonderful Jewish atmosphere, warm and divine attention, gourmet food, amazing trips and all Glatt kosher!

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Summer Vacation Romania 2016

The Maridor four star hotel is a high quality resort that was just recently built, that offers a full respite package for your convenience and enjoyment

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Peru 2016 - Land of the Inca

Lima, Arcifa, Cosco, Peno and Puerto Maldonado in 12 nights and 13 days

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The retreat you have always dreamed of – no longer a dream.

Welcome to the Maaglei Nofesh website. Maaglei Nofesh is a religious/charedi* tourism company specializing in retreats and in organizing vacation events in abroad, personally customized to each client.

Our offers include exclusive, kosher (Mehadrin) vacations in some of the world's finest hotels, at attractive prices. And above all: a dedicated, professional and warm staff which listens, advises, guides and closely tends to all the details on your way to your dream vacation.

We invite you to join our satisfied customers!

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