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Summer Vacations

holiday history at Maaglei Nofesh

Summer Holiday 2012 in Spain

The new 4-star luxury hotel HG La Molina is situated in the green ski and holiday resort, La Molina.

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Summer Holiday 2013 in Holland

Based on last year's success, and due to popular demand, we have decided once again to host you in the Speulderbos hotel in the village of Garderen, Holland.

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Summer Holiday 2012 in France

An incredible vacation in France – land of the many faces, beautiful and romantic; in popular Alsace Lorraine and Black Forest, which have become a magnet for tourists.

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Summer 2014 in Italy

Hotel Savoia Palace -Madonna di Campiglio 4* Deluxe In the heart of the Paneveggio Natural Park, the Hotel Savoia Palace is the ideal place for a holiday in the mountains.

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VIP Natural Wilderness Adventure

We present our latest break-through travels: organized tours to South-America, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

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Enjoy "Paris of the north"

For years I have heard people glorifying Norway’s beauty to be second to none. So I took a flight to northern Norway, and let me tell you one thing: Tromso is the most gorgeous place I’ve laid my eyes on - ever!

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Swiss alpine holiday at its best

Welcome to your summer vacation in Flims, Switzerland's number one holiday destination. Guaranteed, this kosher vacation will be your best ever - in the tradition and excellence of Ma'agalei Nofesh.

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