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Pessach 2014 in Greece

We will be spending Pesach 5764 (2014) on the Greek island of Corfu, at the Corfu Imperial Hotel. This sumptuous hotel holds sway over a bewitching, private beach.

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Winter 2015 in Lapland

Spend Your Dream Holiday in Lapland For those who aspire for new adventures, we present our latest break-through travels: organized tours to Lapland

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Summer Vacations

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holiday history at Maaglei Nofesh

Summer Holiday 2012 in Spain

The new 4-star luxury hotel HG La Molina is situated in the green ski and holiday resort, La Molina.

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Summer Holiday 2012 in France

An incredible vacation in France – land of the many faces, beautiful and romantic; in popular Alsace Lorraine and Black Forest, which have become a magnet for tourists.

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